THERE'S A NEW SHERIFF in town and he's recruited a posse of some
very qualified deputies. The Hill Country Tour is a cooperative adventure
with lots going on. More Deputies are needed. Let the Sheriff know if you
want to be deputized.
Richard Sheff is the Direktor and your Sheriff.  He's looking for new
deputies.  Let him know if you can help out during the tour.
Tommie Kozlov is your on site Deputy of Events.  If you are unhappy about
the weather or you need a loan, see her.
Wayne Broadhag is the Ride Meister.  Enter his "Name Those 'dillos"
contest and you could win a prize.  Wayne says "Dead" & "Boots" have both
been taken.
Norma Shechtman is our Hike Meister.  The Hill Country has some
wonderful hikes and she'll be leading the way.
Bob Ruris is the Hooch Meister.  He will organize the nightly Wine & Beer
Roundup.  Our "Boss of Booze" (Bob) says,
"Lone Star may the national
beer of Texas but California is where real wine comes from.
Dick Bird aka "Mirror Man" manages the tour's rider safety program.  Be
safe; buy the original and best: The "Beerview Mirror."  It could save your
Mikki Anderson is a Holistic Health Practitioner & Licensed Massage
Therapist.  She'll be available, on site, to ease your pain.  Check out her
bonafides at
Scott Oberle  will record all your Texas memories on a professionally
Texas Hill Country DVD.   You can check out his work at
Call and order yours now 714-894-4970.  
Kinky Friedman, Every Texan's favorite philosopher opines,  "If you're
patient and wait long enough, something will happen and it'll usually be
something you don't like