Who says, "It's Not All About the Bike?"

Ship your bike FedEx ground or UPS surface to the Fredericksburg Inn.
They will get your unit to the hotel safely in 3 to 4 working days.
Protect your investment. Your bike is your vacation.  Purchase the carrier's
shipping insurance and then track your bike's journey daily on line.
Your local bike shop will be happy to give you a box for shipping.  Get a box in
good condition.  Remember, your box will be making a round trip.
Don't know how to, or maybe you'd rather not, pack your bike for shipping... .
Ask Juan at CyclePro in Lake Forest (949-929-9238) to help.  Just supply a
bicycle box in good condition and he'll do the rest at  no charge.  Shipping from
the shop can also be arranged.  To have your bike reassembled, adjusted and
cleaned, ship it back to CyclePro and Juan will take care of it for only $35.
Boxing instructions can be found at
For special handling go to  
To reassemble your bike in Fredericksburg, look at

Avoid the $50 per day hotel storage charge: Ship your bike on Friday, Oct. 3.
If it arrives before Oct. 6, you will incur storage charges.

Take a mesh laundry bag with you.  Laundry service for your cycling clothes will be available twice during your stay.  Be sure to write your name on the bag
with a permanent marker before leaving it at the pick up station.

Still not convinced. Having difficulty deciding to make the trip?  If you
haven't been to Texas, or you're unsure about what it's really like, I urge
you to explore the many links included in this website.  Texans are passionate
about their country.  The reasons are obvious and many.  Discover them for
yourself.  The Hill Country really does have something for everyone.

A final word about the trip and me.   I am not a travel agent, nor do I plan
these trips to make a profit.  Mama doesn't like it, but that's the way it is
and has always been.  I negotiate the deal and all of us benefit from group
pricing.  The quality time we spend together "around the campfire" is
something that can't be bought for money.  Friends are impermanent features
in life's journey.  They constantly require attention and, sadly... replacing.  Use
the time you've been given to make new friends and to discover some beautiful
& interesting new places.  There is a wonderful experience waiting for you in
The Lone Star State.  Join your friends there for a Texas-size good time.

Feel like paying retail for a camping tour?
I'm here to help.

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ou're getting too old to have any more regrets." I think he's