You will not be lonely in "The Lone Star State."  Watch the SoCal Posse grow
as we approach October 2008.  Remember:  In Texas, money talks & BS walks.
Tour Roster is reserved for posse members who have paid the registra-
tion fee.  So what are you waiting for?  Make your commitment now to join us.
Need a roommate?  Want to share the journey and expenses with someone
driving to Fredericksburg... or have a "driver" transport your bike to the
hotel?  Let me know and I'll publish your request.  Your phone number & e-mail
address is required.
 Hill Country Hall of Fame
Richard Sheff                Tommie Kozlov               William Tryon                         
Roger Wong                   
 Linda Crown                    Joseph Edwards      
Eric Streitberger         Susan Bloomfield            
Cindy King      
Alyse Streitberger        Cheryl Kyle                    Alfred E. Neuman
Andre Leroux                  Nancy Broadhag             Mary Corrough     
Patricia Beaver               Wayne Broadhag            Norm Moyer
Rhonda Larson                 Liz Gaston                     Mary Moyer
Jim Larson                      Stuart Gaston               Mike Grover
Steve Devore                 Ken Clasen                      Lettie Smith
Joan Devore                   
 Patti Clasen                   Tom Weddick                  
Ron Heatherington          Ian Schill                       Karen Weddick
Jean Heatherington        Kathy Schill                  
 Ken Johnson
Ron Hata  
                       Arline Bird                     Jacki Friedman
Suzanne Ackley               Dick Bird                       Bernie Friedman
Bill Hughes                      Dennis Miller               
  Ann Reichling
Mikki Anderson               Mary Miller                    Norma Shechtman                  
Bob Ruris                         Jim Nilsen                    
 Clint McDonald
Barbara Ruris                  Monica McCarthy           Nancy McDonald              
Lance Armstrong  
               Lynne Billie                   Joyce Jack                         
Kinky Friedman              
  Jaime Fabela                Jenny Short                     
Karen Kelly                      Jean Fabela                   Marilynn Murrell                
Mike Anderson                 Dave Marino                
  Bill Murrell                        
Carol Hemus                     John Bergeland             Tom Patterson                    
Guy Beauregard               John Long                       Carlos Sastre
Scott Oberle                   Mary Long                      James Luparello
Joyce Oberle                
   Mark Shapiro                 Dave Welker
George Nierlich                Vicki Nierlich                Bill Clark
Laurie Ostrow                  Don Wells                      Lori Gilbertson