Cancer is an equal opportunity disease.  

It strikes without regard for race, religion, national origin or gender.  
And it kills far too many of our friends and loved ones.

While advances have been made to find a cure, cancer remains a threat.  
To continue the progress, Savvy Cycling Tours has partnered with the
Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise the funds needed to continue the
battle to conquer this deadly disease once and for all.

The costs for research and education continue to escalate, but progress is
being made.  The survivors we all know are living testimony to the success
we can continue to expect if we donate sufficient funds to those who toil
to find a cure.

Our goal for the Texas Hill Country Tour may be modest but the results
of your generosity can be huge.  Pull the trigger now and make your
donation on line.  It's easy!  Just click on this website, make a large
donation and you'll be guaranteed health, wealth & happiness all year long.

On behalf of Lance and his foundation... Thank You for your generosity.