HERE'S A SHORT LIST of things to do while you're visiting the "Hill Country."

  • Complete the Tour de Lance
  • Meet new friends at our nightly Beer & Wine Roundup
  • Hike Enchanted Rock, a huge, pink 425' granite dome
  • "Cowboy Up" and go horseback riding at a local ranch
  • Visit the Admiral Nimitz Museum. This WW II exhibit would be at home
  on the mall in Washington, DC
  • Visit the Emperor's Club VIP or dance the Chicken Dance at a local club
  • Attend a Fredericksburg Theater Company  performance
  • Become somebody in Luckenbach
  • Walk Boot Hill or rent a machine gun at the local shooting range
  • Taste your way through the Texas Wine Country.  Really!
  • Attend the RockBox professional variety theater
  • Shop in town or enjoy the Inn's pool & hot tub
  • Visit the Bat Tunnel
  • See Johnson City, LBJ's hometown
  • Drink at all the local Biergartens. Kinky say,
" Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder."
  • See art at local galleries
  • Eat German food
  • Cruise WAL*MART
  • Go Bowling
And there's lots more you can check out at...

"thangs" to do...