The "Kentucky Klassic" is fortunate to welcome back most of last year's volunteers.  All are skilled and all have proven to
    be experts at getting things done.

    Happiness is the only good.
    The place to be happy is here.
    The time to be happy is now.
    The way to be happy is to make others so.  
                                                  -Robert Ingersoll

    KY Ambassadors & Hosts

Ian & Kathy Schill are your hosts for this years "Kentucky Klassic."  As Kentuckians (for most of the year)... your tour
can only be made better by their experience & council.

Tommie Kozlov is back as our "on site" expert.  If there's an issue with the hotel that you are unable to resolve, let her

Wayne Broadhag returns in his capacity as tour "scout & guide."  He's an expert on the area and his collection of routes
will be both challenging, educational and fun. Wayne promises that many of your rides this year will include
destinations...  His commitment for our daily "Bluegrass Run" is something fun for everyone.

Nancy Broadhag will coordinate your off-site diversions.  There's much to see in and around Lexington.  She's making
plans to fill your free time with local culture, shopping, dining and maybe even some night life.

Norma Shechtman will lead those interested in some Lexington "History Walks.
    Bring comfortable shoes.  With the University of Kentucky near by, and historic Lexington within easy reach on foot, the
    urban hiking Norma's planning should be memorable.


Juan Martinez at CyclePro will make sure your bike is ready for the road.  Drop by his shop at 22706 Aspan in Lake
Forest before departure and have Juan inspect your bike.  He'll make any of the adjustments it may need, "Gratis."  Yes,
you read that correctly, FREE.  Parts and any additional labor will be billed with approval.  Call Juan for directions at 949-

A Road Bike 4U is now owned by Bruce Marshall.  Same great products and the same amazing service.  You can check out
the specials at
SEPT                             2010
Your  Directeur Sportif
"What Me Worry?"
If he don't, who do?
Ky has always been famous for fast horses &
slow trains