Bob                                 Dick                               Tommie                                 Norma


   Scott                                                                            Wayne

    The Tucson Desert Classic is fortunate to welcome back most of last year's deputies.  All are skilled
    volunteers who have proven to be straight shooters (both in and out of the saddle) and experts at getting
    things done.

          Like dogs, bicycles are social catalysts that attract a superior category of people.  
                  Chip Brown,  "A Bike and a Prayer"

    Tommie Kozlov is back as our "on site" expert.  If there's an issue with the hotel that you are unable
    to resolve, let her know.

    Wayne Broadhag returns in his roll as our "trail guide."  He's putting together another collection of
    rides that will be both challenging and fun.  And just like last year... there's something planned for

    Nancy Broadhag will coordinate the posse's off-site diversions.  There's much to see in Tucson. You'll
    want to make plans to fill your free time with local culture, shopping, dining and maybe even some night

    Bob Ruris is again taking on the responsibility as our "bar keep."  No one knows their way around a
    saloon... or hot tub, like Bob.  He keeps the beer cold and the fun flowing.  What else could you ask for?

    Norma Shechtman will again lead the "Rock Star Walkers" on our hiking expeditions.  Bring your
    boots, poles and hat!  With a national park near by, and canyons and state parks within easy reach,
    Southern Arizona hiking is world class.

    Scott Oberle is the tour's photographer.  He will, with your help, capture all the important Desert
    Classic memories for our DVD.  His DVD is the ultimate souvenir and everyone gets a copy this year.  
    You can check out some of Scott's work at  

    Dick Bird manages the Desert Classics's safety program.  Be safe; accept no substitutes.  Buy the
    original and the best... The "Beerview Mirror."  It could save your AZ.


    Bob Murphy at A Road Bike 4 U has your new bike waiting for pick up.  Before making that major    
    purchase anywhere else, check with Bob at .  He's got the best deals in town on some
    great equipment that other shops just dream about carrying.

    Mikki Anderson is a Holistic Health Practitioner & Licensed Massage Therapist.  Who better to be
    in charge of the posse's well-being.  She'll be available, on site, for therapeutic message.  
    You can check her bona fides at

    Juan Martinez at Cycle Pro will make sure your bike is ready for the road.  Drop by his shop at
    22706 Aspan in Lake Forest before the Desert Classic begins and have Juan inspect your bike and make
    the adjustments it may need, "Gratis."  Yes, you read that correctly, FREE.  Parts and any additional
    labor will be billed with approval.  Call Juan for directions at 949-929-9238.
Mt. Lemmon Hwy
What remains of a local
prisoner camp for those
convicted of bicycle
Temple Emmanu El
First synagogue in the
Arizona Territory.
Directeur Sportif
Champion road rider
tour guide
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