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Life Can Be So Simple

    I love our volunteers... and if you travel with
    us, you will too.  To successfully put on
    an event like this, you have to have an
    exceptional group of volunteers.  And that's
    what we have. Our team has been with us
    since the very beginning.  They're experts in
    making sure everything works as planned.

    Wayne Broadhag returns as our tour's "Route
    Master."  His many years of experience as both
    rider and route designer make Wayne uniquely
    qualified to plan our cycling routes.  Wayne
    promises that "you'll find a cycling route for
    every cycling ability.  The rides will be fun
    and, where possible, include something along
    the way that you'll find interesting or
    memorable."  His "Queen Stage" ride is a
    2-state tour that follows the Centennial Trail
    all the way to beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

    Nancy Broadhag will find a way-- post ride or
    hike, for you to enjoy all Spokane has to
    offer.  Spokane is surprisingly cosmopolitan,
    so be sure to review her recommendations and
    save some time to explore this sophisticated

    Norma Shechtman rejoins us as our hiking
    expert.  She promises to take full advantage
    of all beautiful outdoors Spokane has to offer.
    Norma knows her business and is very
    enthusiastic about introducing you to scenic
    Eastern Washington... on foot.

    Arlene Sheff is available to assist you with
    hotel issues.  She is also in charge of making
    the "Happy Hour" happy and planning our
    group food event. Interested in shopping...
    she's always ready!

    Richard Sheff is the tour's Directeur Sportif,
    web master, jersey designer and head of the  
    tour's complaint department... If you enjoy
    what's planned, tell our not-so-highly paid
    volunteers.  If you don't, please see me.

                 TOUR SPONSORS
    Pure Ride Cycles  "We're super excited to
    share the news that Two Wheels One Planet
    Lake Forest is now PURE RIDE CYCLES.  
    We felt the time was right to begin our own
    journey and give our store a new identity.
    With over 25 years in the cycling industry,
    we are committed to continuing to serve our
    cycling community with great products,
    service and passion.  Don't be alarmed!  The
    ownership has not changed, the store location
    is still the same and our philosophy of
    running the business is still top notch.  You'll
    find "Pure Ride" in 2 convenient locations:
    El Toro (949) 581-8900 & in Costa Mesa
    (949) 646-7717.

    Cycle Pro's top wrench, Juan Martinez
    returns as our recommended mechanic.  His
    promise is simple:  Make sure that your bike
    remains problem-free every mile you're on
    tour.  Avoid breakdowns.  Have Juan give your
    bike a complimentary exam and adjustment
    before leaving.  You'll find Juan in Lake
    Forest at: 22762 Aspan, Suite 213.  
    For an appointment call 949-597-1100.