To all my cycling friends...

    Welcome aboard!  

    Yes!  There's still space for you on the tour.  
    Arlene's secured more rooms at the beautiful Red
    Lion Hotel and Spokane's waiting to welcome you.  
    Click the REGISTER tab on the left to sign-up for
    the tour and then make your hotel reservations.  

    Those joining us in Spokane will be rewarded with
    gorgeous country cycling, great accommodations,
    unique sites to explore, lots of new friends and a
    lifetime of fond memories. The Spokane Valley's
    fame as a popular cycling & hiking destination, and
    the hotel's very friendly rates, promise to fill our
    limited number of rooms quickly.

    The tour's amenities and hotel rates are reserved  
    for those who have paid the registration fee, signed
    the waiver and donated to BIG BROTHERS BIG

    You are again urged to make your hotel
    reservations now.  Once our room block is gone,
    there will be no additional rooms with a hot
    breakfast buffet at these rates.     

    Need a roommate while in Spokane?  I'm here to
    help.  Let me know and I'll get the word out.  

    Keep checking the website & watch our roster grow.

Richard Sheff      Arlene Sheff       Peter Gerrard
Bob Blaisdell       Maire Blaisdell    Kim Gerrard
George Nierlich    Vicki Nierlich     Frank Peters
Steve Devore       Joan Devore       Dave Welker  
Jim Luparello      Alwina Luparello Gary Murphy
Bernie Friedman  Jacki Friedman  Charlie Thacker
Judy Houser        Eladio Diaz        Norma Shechtman
Dennis Miller       Mary Miller        Ken Clasen        
Jim Larson          Rhonda Larson   Peter Scott
Larry O                Cyndi O              Merri Alexander

Carl Crown           Linda Crown       Bob Wolstein
Lloyd Huff            Billie Huff          Judy Wolstein
Al Klicka              Connie Klicka     Pete Smith
Sheldon Orkin      Fran Reynard     Dan Urrere
Tim Allen             Barbara Allen      Marty Bernstein
Jim Hannon         Deb Hannon        Suzanne McCord
Wayne Broadhag  Nancy Broadhag   John Croker
Will Decker          Kathi Decker    Bruce from Brooklyn
Steve Rizzuto       Kim Rizzuto       Jean Greenstadt
Ken Mantey          Alice Mantey      John Loy

Mike Field            Cathie Field        Joe Baron
Vic Robinett         Ann Robinett      Dan Hylands
Jerry Brown         Lea Brown           Diane Pastore
Bob Ferrell           Sue Ferrell           Mark Shapiro
Jaime Fabela        Jean Fabela         Brys Cabiles
John Long            Mary Long           Carol Reynolds
Scott Martin         Sandy Martin      Len Lubarsky  
Steve Sawyer        Cheryl Sawyer     Jose Armas
Sue Reese             Lois Reese           Janice Allen
Delmer Losson      Susan Callaway   Al Hong

Sue Butler             Don Butler          Diana Thacker
Rich McCarthy      Linda McCarthy   Annling Chien
Nabil Assaf            Jumana Assaf      Monica McCarthy
Bob Kinney           Jodie Kinney       Penny Poorman
Allan Pincus          Kim Pincus          Ann Reichling
Dale McNair           Marsha McNair    Karen Simon
Jenny Short           Ken Trotman      Lorrie Minkel
Bill Clark               Ken Roberts     JudithAnn Roberts   
Lori Alcock            Kay Utley            Eileen Meyers
Aaron Sher            Beth Sher            Lesa Miller