“He who opens a school door, closes a
                                   -Victor Hugo
    I think Victor Hugo got it right; that's why I
    enthusiastically support this year's charity...
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County

    Our charity connection this year is Elliot Gordon,
    an advid cyclist, BCI member and community
    volunteer. Elliot is a dedicated volunteer member
    of the BBBSOC Executive Board.  I'm sure you'll
    agree that this year's charity (with a 100 year
    history) is a worthwhile organization that has and
    will continue to change the lives of our youth here
    in Orange County, CA.

    "The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County's
    (BBBSOC) Mission is to provide children facing
    adversity with strong and enduring, professionally-
    supported one-to-one relationships that change
    their lives for the better, forever.

    The Need
    75% of the children come from a single parent
    household making less than $30,000
    55% have been exposed to physical, sexual or
    emotional abuse or neglect.
    BBBSOC Programs Achieve Positive Results
    ·      98% high school graduation rate
    ·      70% first in their families to graduate from
           high school
    ·      70% less likely to use drugs or alcohol
    ·      83% college enrollment rate
    ·      75% more likely to obtain a bachelor’s degree

    The Big Brothers Big Sisters Match
    "A Big Brothers Big Sisters’ match is carefully
    administered and held to the strictest standards.
    Agency staff strives for matches that are not only
    safe and well suited to each child’s needs, but also
    harmonious and built to last. The entire matching
    process, from the initial screening to the final
    pairing—and beyond—is made possible by your
    generous financial support."

    Bang For Your Buck
    "BBBS is one of the most cost effective ways to help
    at-risk children and to have a positive impact on
    our communities.  If these children facing adversity
    do not get the help they need and end up getting in
    trouble in school or with the law, they can cost
    society thousands of dollars a year.  With your
    financial support and with the help of BBBSOC,
    these children can grow up to be happy, productive,
    contributing members of society."  

    So, the choice is a simple one.  Pay a little now or
    a lot more later.

      Unable to join us? Your generous donation would
    be greatly appreciated. To donate, send your check
    payable to Big Brothers Big Sisters OC to      
    Richard Sheff.

    Thank you for your generosity.