Big city amenities.  Small town pace.  
    Spokane has the best of both worlds.  You'll
    find downtown just steps from your hotel.

    I think "The Spokane Traveler" says it best...
    "Spokane has a vast, rich mix of museums
    and artistic attractions, and the eclectic
    scene should not be missed by any visitor
    that appreciates a little culture in an
    unexpected setting. Spokane offers up a
    suprising mix of museums, jazz clubs,
    stand up comedy venues, art galleries,
    orchestra halls, off-broadway theaters,
    and the like."

    Here's an abbreviated example of what they
  • "Eat in a giant Milk Bottle?  Check out the
    Milk Bottle restaurant on Garland Avenue.  
    Best for lunch, super-duper cheap &
    homemade ice cream.
  • Art lovers should visit one of the seven major
    local art galleries.  For those more
    auditorally inclined, there are dozens of live
    jazz clubs in Spokane, where local musicians
    play into the wee hours of the night."
  • Award winning wineries, breweries and an
    exceptional distillary.
  • Shopping with Arlene.
  • Culture and fine dining.  Local theater, Irish
    dancing and lots of local restaurants are all
    within easy reach of your hotel.
  • Very few urban areas anywhere have such a
    beautiful and wild river flowing through their
    downtown area. Whitewater rafting day trips
    in the region are also available."

    There's much more to see and do.  Nancy
    will fill you in later with all that's going on
    in busy, beautiful Spokane.

    "Near Nature.  Near Perfect".