Let the adventure begin!

    So, what makes Spokane, WA the ideal location for
    our 2015 cycling, hiking and fun adventure?  

    Here's what Visit Spokane has to say, "A vibrant
    city, a roaring river, a gateway to the American
    west. Since its first days as a rail hub, Spokane
    has stood as a destination city immersed in
    natural beauty. Book a whitewater adventure,
    bike the beautiful Centennial Trail or hike
    through countless nature preserves. But it’s not
    just about the outdoors! Taste Washington’s
    renowned grapes and hops at any number of local
    wineries and craft breweries."

    Here's what I think will impress you... Spokane's
    natural beauty and the broad valley where it
    resides.  The many dedicated bicycle and hiking
    trails adjacent to the hotel.  A 2-state bicycle tour
    which includes beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho as a
    destination.  Enough after-ride activities to make
    you do a happy dance.
    Great restaurants and excellent wine are in
    abundance.  The beautiful Red Lion Hotel is really
    nice and the value of their product is even nicer.  
    And here's a bonus you'll appreciate, the weather
    during your visit should be perfect for whichever
    outside activity you choose.  Moderate temps, low
    humidity and no rain are the norm for this time of

                        TOUR HIGHLIGHTS
  • Tour Dates: September 27 - October 4.
  • Location: Beautiful Spokane, WA
  • Lodging:  Red Lion Hotel at the Park
  • Meals Included: Hot breakfast buffet daily and a
    food event TBD
  • Happy Hour: Adult beverages every evening
  • Physical Difficulty: 3 cycling choices daily - easy    
    to challenging
  • Support: Limited
  • Cause Supported: Big Brothers Big Sisters of OC
  • Tour Jersey:  Once again, the most beautiful &
    unique cycling jersey on the planet
  • Bicycle and luggage transfers available
  • Outstanding cycling, hiking, dining, shopping and
  • Perfect weather for cycling & hiking
  • Excellent locally brewed, distilled and aged adult
    beverages.  "Washington is known for its wines
    and Spokane has some of the best in the state."  

                SPOKANE ORIGINALS
                     The Lilac City's motto says it all...
              "Near Nature.  Near Perfect."

    Join your friends on this year's Tour of Spokane...
    a city you'll find "Near Nature and Near Perfect"
    for everything you want to do.  

                     Richard Sheff
                            Directeur Sportif

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