SEPT                             2010

    GET'ERDONE !       

    Those joining us in Lexington will be rewarded with gorgeous country cycling, luxury lodging,
    unique sites to explore, lots of new friends and a lifetime of wonderful memories.  The Bluegrass
    Region's fame and the hotel's recession friendly room rates promise to fill our room block quickly.

    Avoid the disappointment of being left home alone.   Make your commitment to join us now.
    "20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the  things that you didn't do than the by the
    ones you did do."     - Mark Twain

    The tour's "Hall of Fame" and hotel rates are reserved for H K Colonel's who have paid the $165
    registration fee.   

    Need a roommate?  Let me know and I'll get the word out.  Watch the list of colonels grow
    as we approach September 2010.

                                                                   Honorary Kentucky Colonels

    1.  Richard Sheff                        Linda Crown                   Bill Clark                Larry Oden
    2.  Annette Howard                   Jim Luparello                 Norm Moyer           Cliff Nimrod             
    3.  Mark Shapiro                        Andre' Leroux                 Mary Moyer           Emily Lloyd
    4.  Susan Bloomfield                  Martin Bernstein            Steve Devore        Bernie Friedman
    5.  Dave Welker                         Nancy Bernstein             Joan Devore          Jackie Friedman
    6.  Joyce Jack                            Aaron Sher                      John Hoskins         Dennis Miller
    7.  Wayne Broadhag                  Beth Sher                        Patty Hoskins        Mary Miller
    8.  Nancy Broadhag                   Jean Hetherington          Ken Johnson*        Nancy Donovan
    9.  Marilyn Austin                      Ron Hetherington           Kathy Fenner         Ken Roberts
    10. Eldrick Woods                      Lucille Rhodes                Tom Weddick         Judithann Roberts
    11. Rich Pellegrini                     Joseph Edwards              Bill Tryon                Norma Shechtman
    12. Austin Ford                          Cindy King                       Tom Patterson       Rhonda Larson
    13. Dave Wineberg                    Jaime Fabela                   Don Tillinghast      Lynette LaRoche
       14. Nancy Wineberg                  Jean Fabela                     Ramona Dalton      Bob Engemann
15. Don Butler                            George Nierlich               Jenny Short           Bill Sellin
16. Sue Butler                             Vicki Nierlich                  Carolyn Roth          Dev Sellin
17. Tommie Kozlov                     Karen Kelly                     Richard Pellerin     Kathy Schill
18. Doug Peterson                      Jennifer Lund                  Kay Utley
19. Melanie Peterson

*Looking for a roommate
"The Colonel's face is all over the place"
KY can make you
happy too
Enjoy your Hilton
breakfast here