Tucson Desert
October 3-9, 2009
Tucson's Magic
lies not in her age
as a city but in what
she offers you as a
visitor and cyclist.

Saguaro Cactus
is the ubiquitous
symbol of  the
Southern Arizona
Profit Neutral
means that you get to
keep more of your
money to spend
on what's important
to you.
How cool is that!
Start 2
Road to Mt. Lemmon
This beast rises
almost  9200' above the
desert floor. All riders
attempting the climb
are required to have
their bikes blessed by
the mission priest
before leaving.

    A Big Arizona, Howdy!  

    Welcome to the Tucson Desert Classic website.

    As many of you know, over the past 3 years it's been my pleasure to plan and have you join me
    on these amazing cycling adventures.  We've experienced the food & fun of Italy and become
    honorary citizens of the Republic of Texas.  Some have even joined me on tours that have tested
    the depths of Southern hospitality and New England's virtue.  Now, we're off to Tucson to
    experience some new cycling magic... desert touring with friends who share a passion to see the
    world on 2 wheels.

    I am not a travel agent.  While I do pick the tour's location, designate our charity partner to
    support and negotiate with the hotel, I do not do this as a business or plan the events to make a
    profit.  I use these trips to make new friends and as a vehicle to fund those well meaning
    charities whose good works help make the world a better place for us all.

    Getting to Tucson from "the OC" is easy and inexpensive.  Travel by car and you'll be there in 7
    hours.  Carpool and save money on fuel, airport parking, shipping and bike assembly.  Planes,
    trains and the bus will get you there too.  Got lots of time... you can walk or even ride your bike,
    though these options are not recommended.

    Tucson is rated as one of the top cycling destinations in the USA.  The city fathers (and moms)
    have long encouraged cyclist to take to their roads.  El Tour de Tucson, America's  premier
    charity ride, has been held here every November for over 3 decades, and many national cycle
    touring companies vbt.com include the area in their very expensive bicycle vacation itineraries.   

    Making your adventure even sweeter is Tucson's endless variety of recreational activities.  For
    more on what to do once you're off the saddle, visit this web site's "Activities" page.

  • Trip Dates: October 3-9, 2009
  • Start & End Location: Tucson, AZ
  • Hotel: Hilton Tucson East
  • Meals Included: Hot buffet breakfast every morning
  • Happy Hour: Every evening
  • Support: Limited while cycling
  • Physical Difficulty: Moderate to "hors category" (challenging mountain climbs)

  • Easy access to Tucson from SoCal
  • Four Star lodging
  • Recession friendly prices in USD ($)
  • Great weather
  • Amazing cycling, hiking, dining and entertainment
  • Happy hour
  • Lightly trafficked routes
  • An all adult cycling experience
  • Ricardo's "Fun-O-Meter Rating":  A iMondo Bueno! 10 plus

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