Cycling AZ
It's not very
complicated to find
your way home if you
follow Wayne's route
Waiver & Release
Now you know why
you were asked to
sign the waiver.
Former Tucson
Former Tucson

                                                                                                                                              Arizona Rangers 1913

    Those joining us this year will be rewarded with lots of unique desert cycling, luxury lodging,
    lots of new friends and a lifetime of great memories.  Tucson's proximity to Southern California,
    and Hilton's recession friendly room rates, promise to fill our room block quickly.

    Avoid the disappointment of being left home alone.   Make your commitment to join us now.
    "20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the  things that you didn't do than the
    by the ones you did do."     - Mark Twain

    The tour's "Hall of Fame" and hotel rates are reserved for posse members who have paid the $150
    registration fee.   

    Need a roommate*?  Let me know and I'll get the word out.  Watch the SoCal Posse grow
    as we approach October 2009.

    Vamos a Tucson!
            Desert Classic Hall of Fame

Richard Sheff                       Susan Bloomfield                 Ken Clasen               Eric Streitberger
Aaron Sher                           Mike Groover                       Patti Clasen             Alyse Streitberger  
Beth Sher                             Lettie Smith                        Sue  Butler               Mark Shapiro  
Jackie Friedman                   Daniel Ryan                        Patty Hoskins           Dennis Miller
Bernie Friedman                   Karen Ryan                         John Hoskins            Mary Miller
Dave Welker                        Richard McCarthy                George Nierlich         Steve Devore
Ian Schill                             Linda McCarthy                  Vicki Nierlich            Joan Devore
Kathy Schill                         Mary Uffelman                     Bob Murphy             Joseph Edwards
Ron Heatherington                David Wineberg                   Jan Murphy             Cindy King
Jean Heatherington               Nancy Wineberg                  Tommie Kozlov         Penny Poorman
Scott Oberle                         Norm Moyer                         Roger Wong              Dick Bird
Joyce Oberle                        Mary Moyer                         Bob Ruris                 Arline Bird
Jim Larson                           Jim Luparello                      Barb Ruris                Your Name Here
Rhonda Larson                     Your Name Here                    Andre' Leroux           Norma Shechtman
Tom Weddick
                      Wayne Broadhag                  Jaime Fabela            Clint McDonald  
Karen Weddick                     Nancy Broadhag                   Jean Fabela              Rich Pellegrini
Patty Beaver                         Suzanne Ackley                   Ron Hata                  Barbara Finn-Hanna
Tom Patterson                      Ken Johnson                        Lorrie Minkel            Mikki Anderson  
Jenny Short                          Laurie Ostrow    
                  Mike Weber             Ann Reichling           
Dave Marino                         Jeff Fitzpatrick                   Joe Fitzpatrick         Don Tillinghast        
Ramona Dalton