SEPT                             2010

    Greeting from the Directeur Sportif.

    Welcome to the "Kentucky Klassic" cycling adventure website.  

    First things first: Why Kentucky?  

    The obvious answer: You’ll know when you get there.  Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region is internationally famous for its fine equine,
    fried chicken & the beauty of its pastoral landscape.  For cyclist, that translates into miles of lightly trafficked country roads, lots of
    good food and some of the planet's best scenery.  The area around Lexington, KY (The Bluegrass Region) is truly cycling heaven.  
    It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever toured on 2 wheels.  Kentucky's Bluegrass Region is one of the only places I know that
    can transform a bicycle ride into a life changing event.  Don't believe me.  Do some exploring yourself at

    Giddyup & Go!

    Like hand-crafted bourbon, this "Klassic" tour is designed to please all your senses.  Take a look at what's offered this year: biking,
    bluegrass, bourbon, a little history, horses, urban hiking and lots of southern hospitality.  Over the past few years it's been my
    pleasure to both plan and have you join me on these amazing cycling adventures.  We've experienced the food & fun of Italy,
    become honorary citizens of the Republic of Texas and did some desert touring in Tucson, AZ.  Now, we're off to Kentucky, to
    experience some cycling magic... in a state that prides itself on fine whiskey, very fast horses and world class cycling.  And, you'll  
    have the opportunity to become an Honorary Kentucky Colonel, with all the rights and privileges that come with this rank.

    A gentle reminder: I am not a travel agent or professional tour operator.  While I do pick the tour's location, designate our charity
    partner and negotiate with the hotel, I do not do this as a business or plan the event to make a profit.  I use these trips to make
    new friends and as a vehicle to fund those charities whose good works help make the world a better place for all.

    Getting to Lexington, KY is easy.  Travel by air is the recommended mode of transport.  Shipping your bike  by FedEx ground works
    well and is inexpensive, provided that you use the proper sized carton.  Arrangements have been made locally to help you box your
    bike and get it on its way. There's also a KY connection to assist you in bicycle reassembly and re-boxing for a small fee.

    The Bluegrass region is one of the top cycling destinations anywhere that you've never heard of.  The region is scenic, has excellent,
    lightly trafficked roads, and unlimited places that amuse and entertain... on or off the bike.  To make sure that you get to
    experience a few of these Bluegrass gems, a luxury coach tour is being planned.  Sites under consideration are: Shaker Village in
    Pleasant Hill, The Kentucky Folk Art Museum in Berea, and a tasting tour on the Bourbon Trail.  More later.

    Making this adventure even sweeter is Wayne's commitment to add a destination to many of your cycling  routes this year.  These
    could include historic sites, quaint villages, interesting lunch stops and farm tours.  The endless variety of interesting stops will
    make this challenge difficult but satisfying.  For more on this, check out the web site's "Activities" page.

    Kentucky KLASSIC Stats

  • Trip Dates: Sept. 11-17, 2010 BCE
  • Start & End Location: Lexington, KY.  USA
  • Hotel: Hilton Lexington Downtown
  • Meals Included: Breakfast only
  • Happy Hour: Every evening
  • Support: Limited while cycling
  • Physical Difficulty: Easy, Moderate or Challenging.  Something is planned for every cycling ability.
  • Registration Fee: Riders $165   Non-riders $110

    You can Expect...

  • Four star lodging.
  • Hot breakfast every day.
  • Sleep number beds.
  • Recession friendly prices in USD ($).  Your dollars are still welcome in KY.
  • Great weather.  Daytime high temps average a delightful 78 degrees.
  • Amazing cycling, urban hiking, off-bike tours, fine dining and unique entertainment.
  • Happy hour that's really happy.
  • Cycling routes over lightly trafficked roads through scenic horse country.
  • An all adult cycling experience.
  • A sophisticated & cultured urban environment.
  • A cycling adventure with enough wattage to vaporize your "Fun-O-Meter."