I love Lexington, KY and you will too.

    Located in the heart of Kentucky’s
    Bluegrass Region, Lexington is inter-
    nationally famous for its fine equine,
    bourbon & the beauty of its pastoral
    landscape.  For cyclist and hikers, that
    translates into miles of car-free country
    roads, some very tasty adult beverages and
    perhaps some of the planet’s best scenery.

    Factoid: The region's internationally
    famous blue grass (Poa pratensis) - is
    really not blue at all.  Like grass grown
    everywhere else, its color is actually green.

    A gentle reminder: I am not a travel agent
    or professional tour operator.  While I do
    pick the tour's location, designate our
    charity partner and negotiate with the
    hotel, I do not do this as a business or plan
    the event to make a profit.  I use these
    trips to make new friends and as a vehicle
    to fund those charities whose good works
    help make the world a better place for all.

  • Tour Dates: September 6 - 13. 2017
  • Location: Beautiful Lexington, KY
  • Lodging: Four Points by Sheraton Lexington
  • Meals Included: Hot breakfast buffet daily  
    and a food event TBD
  • Happy Hour: Adult beverages every evening
  • Physical Difficulty: 3 cycling choices daily -
    easy to challenging
  • Support: Limited
  • Charity Supporting: Big Brothers *
      Big Sisters of OC
  • Tour Jersey:  Once again, the most
    beautiful  & unique cycling jersey
     on the planet
  • Bicycle & luggage transfers available
  • Outstanding cycling, hiking, dining,
    shopping and entertainment
  • Perfect weather for cycling & hiking
  • Excellent locally brewed, distilled, aged
    adult beverages.  Kentucky is famous for
    its Bourbon whiskey.

    Join all your friends this year in beautiful
    Lexington, KY for the best Bicycling,
    Bourbon &  Bluegrass you've never
Lexington Grand Fündo
September 6-13, 2017
"It's where the spirit moves you"
Words: Me
Editing: Arlene
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Richard Sheff
Directeur Sportif