We dedicate our 2017 charity tour to Tim
    Brown, SoCal citizen and lifelong Big
    Brother, sadly left our world last year.  
    Tim was a certifiable mensch (good man)
    and huge supporter of Big Brothers * Big
    Sisters his entire life.

    He will be missed by all he touched.        

    Our charity connection this year is Elliot
    Gordon: avid cyclist, BCI member,
    community volunteer and dedicated
    member of the BB*BSOC Executive Board.  

    With your help, this worthy organization
    will continue to change the lives of at risk
    youth in Orange County, CA.

    The Big Brothers Big * Sisters of Orange
    County Mission is "to provide children
    facing adversity with strong and enduring,
    professionally supported, one-to-one
    relationships that change their lives for
    the better, forever."

    The Need
    75% of the children come from single par-
    ent households earning less than $30,000.
    55% have been exposed to physical, sexual
    or emotional abuse or neglect.

    BB*BSOC Results
  • 98% high school graduation rate
  • 70% less likely to use drugs or alcohol
  • 83% college enrollment rate
  • 75% obtain a bachelor’s degree

    Bang For Your Buck
    "BB*BS is one of the most cost effective
    ways to help at-risk children.  If these
    children facing adversity do not get
    the help they need, they could end up
    getting in trouble in school or with the
    law.  With your financial support and with
    the help of BB*BSOC, these children can
    grow up to be productive, contributing
    members of society."   

    Unable to join us in Lexington but still
    want to help?  You too can make a dif-
    ference by donating here: My Donation

    Thank you for your generosity.