Even though your "Dory Experience" is being hosted by the Hotel
Dory and they are responsible for your dining, entertainment,
transfers, bicycle rental and tours, a separate Waiver & Release
MUST be signed by each Squadra Dory traveler to participate.

Waiver & Release

Savvy Cycling Tours has no control over the hotel's program for
the week of your stay.  Nor do we have any control over hotel
management, the Italian Government, the local weather during
your stay or the country's infamous unions.  Like you, I'm leaving
the country of my birth to have an adventure in another land.  

Travel with a smile your credit card and, chances are, everything
will turn out okay.  That's been my experience and that's what
I'm going to do.  

Your registration is complete when Richard Sheff receives your
signed Waiver & Release and the charity receives your
$50 donation.