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Getting to Italy is a big deal.  It's expensive and your journey
can be complicated.  While I have pen in hand, here are some
suggestions for you to consider...

Use the hot link provided on the "Registration" page to make
your hotel reservations.  You'll get the best prices and the link
will put you on the list for all the negotiated ammenities.
Travel Agent                       
In the interest of full disclosure, I have no financial interest in
and receive no personal gain when you use "
Go Travel."  Their
service is offered at no cost.  They make themselves available
to simplify your travel planning and to help you get the most
out of your journey.  Your GT contact is Lynda Sewall.   
Contact Lynda, if you plan on extending your trip or need
advice on airline, train travel, lodging, tours in Europe,
purchasing travel insurance or for obtaining refugee status in
your favorite Eurozone country.  She's the expert and she's
there to help.  
Go Travel
I don't have a favorite airline.  I fly the airline with the miles
I've earned or the one with the lowest price to my destination.
Don't have airline miles.  Time to get busy and start shopping.  
Go Travel or try to track
airfares to your destination.  Set up your alerts so that you'll
be notified when ticket prices to your destination go on sale.
The Hotel Dory is providing "gratis" transfers from Bologna
to Riccione (80 miles) if you arrive early September 10, 2016.  
Lynda, at Go Travel can help you get there on time to catch
the transfer to the Hotel Dory in Riccione.  Avoid unnecessary
travel stress by arriving in Bologna a day early and hoteling
there.  Train arrivers to Riccione, or arrivals at the Rimini
Airport should make arrangements with the Hotel Dory for
your "gratis" transfer.
Travel Insurance
Things happen.  Protect your travel investment. Buy travel
insurance.  I am.  Talk to Lynda at Go Travel.
You gotta have one.  Pull yours out and make sure it will have
more than 6 months remaining before expiration September
10, 2016.  If not, get it renewed.
Health Alert
Arlene is our resident germaphobe.  Featured in the New York
Times, here's her advice and coodie abatement protocol for
illness free travel:  "The most germ-ridden place on an airplane
is not in the bathroom. It’s right in front of you — the tray
table.  Other areas of concern are the airport drinking fountain
buttons, airplane overhead air vents, airplane lavatory flush
buttons, armrest, headrest, seat belt buckle and that nasty
bathroom stall lock at the airport.  To stay happy and healthy
while on your trip, clean these areas with antiseptic wipes,
wash your hands frequently, don't drink the H
2O and shower
after your flight."  Salute!
Single Supplement
You can avoid the €350 single supplement surcharge by
getting a roommate.  Need help? Let me know and I'll get the
word out.
September is the best time of year to travel to Italy.  
The temps are mild, it's typically dry and the crowds are gone.
September daytime temps in Riccione average a perfect 75⁰ F.
This service is the best.  The hotel will launder your "technical
clothes" (cycling) at no charge.  You'll have to supply your own
mesh laundry bag - or purchase one from the hotel for € 8.  
Turn your soiled kit over to their laundryman in the morning
and you'll have a fresh smelling kit back that evening.
Grazie mille!  Tips for good service are appreciated in Italy. Be
sure to show your appreciation to housekeeping, your servers
and bicycle guides.  If you are uncertain about how much
appreciation to show... Here's a conservative guide to follow:
  1. Housekeeping        1 per day
  2. Servers                  1 per day
  3. Cycling Guides      1 per day
  4. Others                   By level of service
Currency Converter
$1.11 will buy €1.  As a dollar optimist, I expect parity by
September 2016.
Credit Cards
Use a credit card that does not charge you a 3% fee to convert
your Eurozone bill to dollars.
Leave your bike at home.  The Dory has "high end" Scott road
bikes, city bikes and electrics available to rent at a tour
Yes.  You can hike in the Riccione area.  Nordic walking poles
are available free of charge from the hotel.