Your Host
Don Stefano Giuliodori  

Stefano's Stable  
Tel. (+39) 0541 642896

Registration for your Dory Experience in Italy is easy and
begins here ►►►
Just complete all the questions asked on the Dory's
registration form and that's it.  

Phoning the hotel to register is not recommended.


  • The tour date you need to select is September 10
  • Register from here only.  You will not receive the same
      pricing or amenities registering anywhere else
  • Room rates are per person, include your discount and are
    priced for double occupancy
  • Bicycle rental includes your discount and are priced for
      the week
  • Room photos and descriptions can be accessed by clicking
     "Rooms" at the top of the Dory's registration page
  • Mini Apartments are very nice, less expensive, are located
    across the street from the Dory's main building and
     include all the amenities offered by the hotel--at the hotel.


Send Monica Amadori, our Hotel Dory contact, an e-mail at
Monica at Hotel Dory or give her a call at the phone number
above.  Keep in mind, there is a 9 hour time difference
between Southern California and Italy. Noon in LA is a late
9:00 PM in Italy.

Of course, if you prefer, I'm always available by phone or
e-mail at 949-510-3455 or