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Stefano's World

Buon Giorno!  My Cycling Friends.

For 10 long years the weak US Dollar kept me cycling close to
home. To my delight, the dollar is experiencing a renaissance,
making travel to the Eurozone a bargain again.

As a USD ($) optimist, I predict euro-to-dollar parity when we
return to Italy, September 10.  You and your mighty dollars
are invited to join "Squadra Dory" for a week of cycling, hiking,
food and fun in the land that many think invented hospitality:

Unlike previous Savvy Cycling Tours vacations, your "Dory
Experience" is offered as an exclusive by the hotel's owner,
master of ceremonies, Bon Vivant, local cycling legend and
guest host, Stefano Giuliodory.  His promise...
You will not be disappointed."

  • Dates: September 10 - 17, 2016
  • Location: Beautiful... Riccione, Italy
  • Lodging:  Hotel Dory
  • Tariff: Pick a room.  Pick your price.  From €588 - €686
    per person for your 7 night Dory Experience
      Single supplement is an additional €350
  • Donation: $50 USD
  • Meals: Italian, of course.  Full breakfast, lunch and dinner
    with unlimited wine.  Mangia!                                      
    Panini, fruit & H2O provided for your bike rides
  • Special Events: Gratis Theme Dinner.  Remote BBQ,
      Cooking Class and Tasting Tours
  • Physical Difficulty:  Easy to challenging.  Stefano promises
    guided rides for every ability.
  • Support: Available for breakdowns
  • Charity: Brain Tumor Research at UCI
  • Tour Jersey:  Complimentary Hotel Dory cycling jersey
  • Transfers: Complimentary from Bologna to the Dory on
    group scheduled arrival day, or from the Riccione Train
    Station and Rimini Airport with prior arrangements   
  • Perfect weather for cycling & hiking
  • Bikes: Squadra Dory discounted rentals include high-end
    Scott road bikes, City and Electric bikes
  • Laundry: My favorite ammenity - Gratis for your
      cycling kits
  • Adults only, please
  • More.  Yes!  Much, much more.  Explore the Dory's
    program here Hotel Dory.  Not fluent in Italian, click on
    the "English" tab at the top of the Dory's Home Page.        
    Your affordable, memorable and fun Dory Experience
    week-of-smiles is all there to read about.

Nobody does it better than Stefano Giuliodori - and there's no
place better to do it with friends than... The Hotel Dory in
beautiful Riccione, Italy.    

Buon Viaggio!
                                Richard Sheff
                                    Directeur Sportif