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Your Cycling Kits Will
Be Gently Washed &

Dory Experience I
Wayne & Nancy

    We are passionate about funding causes in need.  By inviting
    you to join us in Italy for the 2016 version of our "Dory
    Experience," we ask you to, once again, support some very
    important research being done at (UCI) the University of
    California Irvine.

    Over the years, our generous participants (you) have
    donated more than $60,000 to many worthy charities.  
    Now, we ask you to join us in that same spirit of giving by
    supporting this year's worthy charitable recipient:
    UC Irvine's Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program.

    "The UC Irvine Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program is the
    only comprehensive brain tumor program in Orange County
    staffed with fellowship-trained board-certified neuro-
    oncologists, and is one of only three such programs in
    Southern California. UC Irvine is the only academic medical
    center in Orange County, and the Comprehensive Brain
    Tumor Program is dedicated to advancing medicine
    through active research into the diagnosis, treatment and
    prevention of all types of primary and metastatic central
    nervous system tumors, including experimental brain
    tumor clinical studies."

    With a small budget for research and very low
    administrative expenses, your donation can make a huge
    impact on UCI's brain tumor research.
     Use this link to make your donation:
Donate Here
    "There are things in life that can wait; but a cure for
    brain tumors isn't one of them."