It really is all about you...

You are active.  You love riding & hiking.  You love traveling.  And you
love doing it on your own terms.  That's why most of our participants
become our friends and return for more year after year.

Our promise is simple:  Provide the best cycling, hiking & environment
for having fun that we can - for a price that will make you smile.  

You are again urged to make your reservations with the Drury Plaza
Hotel Franklin ASAP.  The number of discounted rooms set aside for
our group is limited.  Also, the truck transporting bikes has limited
capacity.  So, it's "first come - first served" for bike & luggage transfers
to the Drury Plaza Hotel in Franklin.

Need a roommate?  Let me know and I'll get the word out.

Keep your eye on the website and watch our family of Tennessee
Travelers grow.

Nashville All Stars
Richard Sheff        Arlene Sheff        Scott Oberle        Joyce Oberle
Susan Bloomfield Stephen Nordt      Lynn Nordt          Judy Wolstein
Robert Wolstein    Jim Larson           Rhonda Larson   Dave Welker     
Marty Berstein      Nancy Bernstein  Dave Hansen      Nancy Hansen
Wayne Broadhag   Nancy Broadhag Bernie Friedman Jacki Friedman
Bruce from Brooklyn                         Paik Cheah     Dympna Naughton  
Ken Clasen             Will Decker         Kathi Decker       Scott Martin        
Sandy Martin          Maureen Koss     Mary Jo Harris    Bill Clark
Ken Stwertnik        Jan Stwertnik       Diane Pastore
Al Klicka                Connie Klicka      Bo Newsom        Deb Doub
Ken Mantey           Alice Mantey        Fran Reynard      Danny Hylands
Shannon Bunch     Rebecca Bunch   Dan Urrere          Jose Armas
Jaime Fabela         Jean Fabela        Steve Rizzuto       Kim Rizzuto
The Hermitage

Spend the Day at the
Loveless Café'