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You find it all in the lyrics of country music singer Randy Travis,  
"It's not what you take when you leave this world behind.  It's
what you leave behind when you go."   

Each year we choose a worthy cause to support.  
Your donations this year have a very personal focus: Kelly
Trujillo,  Wayne & Nancy Broadhag's daughter, is struggling to
overcome the effects of Colo-rectal Cancer.  In her honor, your
donations are targeted to endow the University of California
Irvine's Colo-rectal Cancer Research Lab's equipment fund.  
Needed are centrifuges, cell incubators and a DNA Amplification

   "My name is Kelly Trujillo, and I can now say that I am a
Cancer Survivor as of December 2013.  It was the BEST
Christmas gift ever!
   My Parent's, Nancy and Wayne Broadhag, are very involved in
their biking community and, besides riding, also give their time
to the club and rides.  My parents' community/biking family
have been a huge source of support during this battle that
began on April 1 of 2013.
   I had a colonoscopy due to some gastro issues, and a large
tumor was found.  Following that news, life as I knew it as a
healthy and happy 45 year old woman, was about to change
drastically.  I not only prepared myself for the road ahead, but
also have three amazing kids who I had to sit down and talk to
about the battle that faced us all.  There were tests, numerous
doctor appointments, and a few weeks to prepare for surgery.
   I had a Rectal Resection on May 8th, and during my surgery
also had numerous lymph nodes taken.  We were all, including
my medical team, confident that once the tumor was out, my
nightmare would be over.  Unfortunately, two lymph nodes came
back testing positive for Cancer. Six weeks following surgery, I
began chemo and then radiation.
   Cancer does not discriminate......it does not care who you are
or what you are doing in your life.  It hits you right between the
eyes and your only choice is to FIGHT BACK!   Losing was never
an option for me....I will do what I can to bring awareness to the
importance of individuals getting a Colonoscopy (which in turn
saved my life) and to give support back to the cancer community
through volunteering and advocating.
   I plan to

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