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Your  Tennessee Vols



Your Tennessee Volunteers have worked hard to make the Music
City Classic
enjoyable, cost effective and a lot of fun.

Wayne Broadhag returns as your "Route Master."  His years of
experience make every ride an event.  You'll find his 2014 itinerary
includes the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg and a taste of God's
gift to cycling -- the Natchez Trace Parkway -- shown above.  Wayne's
assessment, "It doesn't get any better than this."

"This double arch bridge is at mile 438 on the Trace.  The bridge was
completed in 1994 and received the Presidential Award for Design
Excellence in 1995 for its innovative design.  Rising 155 feet above
the valley, the arches eliminate the need for spandrel columns."

Nancy Broadhag is back coordinating the outside activities
during our stay in Franklin.  The Nashville area's entertainment
options are unlimited.  Nancy will fill you in on local restaurants
and places to see.  As we get closer to August, you'll receive a
preview of "Things to Do" in our outstanding destination.

Norma Shechtman knows her "bidness."  Her bona fides
include hiking  Mt. Whitney (14,497' ASL)-- tallest in the "lower
48" and conquering the monster, Mt. Everest base camp at
(17,575' ASL).   Norma suggests hiking "the East Flank Battle of
Franklin trail.  "Walk the fields where the historic Battle of
Franklin was fought and follow Saw Mill Creek, which harbors a
beaver lodge.  The trail leads past Carnton Plantation, which was
used as a confederate field hospital."  Get your hiking poles and
shoes ready

Arlene Sheff is the tour's "Queen Behind the Scenes."  She's our
hotel coordinator, edits my work, manages registration and bugs
you if you haven't sent in the correct paperwork.  Be sure to dot
all your 'i's and cross your t's'...or she'll be after you - beware,
she's tough.  If there is a place to shop, you'll find her there.  
Also, if you have a chance, ask her about her Alma Mater, The
University of Tennessee.  She was there in 1794 when the
University was founded.

Two Wheels One Planet has everything you'll need
to fully enjoy the roads of Central Tennessee.  Find out why
Kristen, the Planet's leader, is an Orange County favorite.  
Before leaving for the "Music City Classic" see her to dress up
your ride with a brand new Trek at a great price.  You'll find them
at 27844 Muirlands in Lake Forest (949) 581-8900.

Dr. Colin Suzman is not only "The Nice Dentist" and
a long time sponsor, he's also my (your Directeur Sportif's)
dentist too.  If you need some dental work, see Dr.
Suzman.  He's equipped with the latest equipment and  
his focus is conservative, ethical dental care.  Find out
more about him here:

Cycle Pro's top wrench, Juan Martinez continues as a
sponsor and our recommended mechanic.  His promise
is to make sure that your bike remains problem-free
every mile while you're on tour.  To avoid breakdowns,
have your machine checked-out for FREE before leaving.
You'll find Juan at his new Lake Forest location: 22762
Aspan, Suite 213, in Lake Forest.   949-597-1100.

Scott & Joyce Oberle, recent SoCal emigre's to Franklin,
are our unofficial hosts for the
Music City Classic.  Scott's the
one with the mustache & hat.                 


The Nice Dentist