Nashville.  Really.  Rocks!  So does the hotel's restaurant
and bar.  Buckle up if you plan to spend time there.

If there was an entertainment seismograph, The Music City
would certainly max-out the scale at a full 10.

Along with the mighty fine cycling & hiking, the area offers
visitors world class entertainment, history, and dining.  It's been
said that Nashville is "a drink'en town with a music problem."   

Ride.  Hike.  Relax. Sightsee. Shop.  With the help of our
experienced volunteers, you'll remember your
Music City Tour
forever.  There's no better way to experience Central Tennessee
than on 2 wheels or your own 2 feet.  

The list of "Tours and Activities" for the Nashville area is
extensive.  Closer to the tour date, Nancy, our activity volunteer,
will provide a list of restaurants and things to do in the area.  
Lunch & dinner are "on your own."  Look for me on the Nashtrash
Tour Bus with the Jugg Sisters or at the Doyle and Debbie Show.

"Jack and Back"
Franklin to Lynchburg