"Grand Tour Portland"
    September 22 - 29, 2013

                            This document could affect your rights.

                Please read, sign and return it to me with your registration fee
          & donation to: Richard Sheff, 10 Harborcrest, Irvine, CA 92604

      I, the undersigned, that's you--- understand that every effort will be made
    to make this event as safe as possible.
    I know that bicycling & hiking can be dangerous.

    I participate in this event and all the activities associated with it with full
    knowledge and acceptance of all the risks and assume full responsibility
    for my own safety during the event.

    I agree to hold harmless everyone associated with the "Grand Tour
    Portland"  held September 22 through September 29, 2013, its agents and
    assigns, from any and all liability, claim or action from, or arising in any
    way out of, my participation in this event.
    I know that this event has been organized to support charity, and is not
    to benefit any individual financially, and that the event is a cooperative
    venture that has me paying all my own expenses and tips, as well as
    making my own reservations for hotel, meals, bicycle transport and

    A helmet is required to participate on all the bicycle rides.

    Waiver & Release to be signed by each participant (riders & non-riders.)

    Have a safe tour!

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          WAIVER & RELEASE