Portland's beautiful skyline

grand tour Portland
September 22-29, 2

You'll find the city
vibrant & exciting

The water is safe to drink

Your Portland "Grand Tour" Host

    Ciao Everyone!

    Here's why you're going to love Portland, OR-- this year's
    charity, cycling, hiking & vacation destination...

    "Set against the backdrop of the scenic Pacific Northwest,
    Portland, Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful
    natural wonders in the country.  Paired with the people
    and culture that live in the Portland area, the city and
    surrounding area is as beautiful as it is diverse."

    Local hype aside, Portland is wild, wonderful & certifiably
    weird.  The cycling, hiking and locally produced beer and
    wine are all rated as some of the best you'll find anywhere.  
    The "Rose City" is filled with art, theater, music, fabulous
    restaurants and distinctive, tax-free shopping.  Fact is, the
    Portland area has been selected - by those who know - as
    the best cycling city in America.  

    We've planned something for everyone.  Whether you prefer
    mountains, rollies, quiet wine growing valleys or lakeside
    cruising, you'll find plenty to love cycling in and around
    Portland.  Wayne's  painstakingly researched routes on the
    nation's best bicycle rides are ready for you to experience.

    If 2 wheeled touring is not your interest, there's world-class
    hiking with Norma, tax-free shopping with friends or
    experiencing the area's many unique cultural offerings.

  • Trip Dates: September 22-29, 2013
  • Location: Portland's 'burbs in Oregon's Washington, County
  • Hotel: The Grand at Bridgeport, in Tigard, Oregon
  • Meals Included: Hot buffet breakfast daily & one food event
  • Happy Hour: Every Evening
  • Physical Difficulty:  Your choice... Easy to Challenging
  • Support: Limited
  • Charity: UC Irvine's Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program
  • More Here: oregonswashingtoncounty

  • Easy access to Portland by air or auto
  • Award winning lodging
  • Very friendly tax-free prices in USD $    
  • Great weather- September is one of Oregon's driest months
  • Outstanding cycling, hiking, dining and entertainment
  • A Happy Hour that's guaranteed to make you H-A-P-P-Y
  • Beautiful, lightly trafficked, cycling routes
  • Convenient shopping and dining in sales tax-free Oregon
  • Excellent local beer & wine
  • Bicycle & luggage transfers available from Irvine
  • Kit-up with the most beautiful & unique cycling jersey
    on the planet  

    All the ingredients are provided to make this active vacation
    affordable, memorable and a lot of fun.  Nobody does it better
    than we do - and there's no place better to do it with friends
    than... Beautiful Portland, Oregon.

    That's how we roll.

    Richard Sheff
    Directeur Sportif