Bucky is not a beaver in Madison

    You're tour's Hall of Fame, special hotel room rates,
    buffet breakfast and fun-filled happy hours are reserved
    for those who have paid the registration fee.

    You are again urged to make your reservations with the
    Crowne Plaza Madison now.  The number of rooms
    available is limited.  Once our room block is gone, rates
    will increase and breakfast will no longer be
    complimentary.  Also, the truck transporting bikes has
    limited capacity.  So, it's "first come first served" for bike
    transfers to Madtown.
    Need a roommate?  Make sure you make note on your
    registration form and I'll get the word out.

    Keep your eye on the website and watch our family of
    adventurers grow.

                           cheese-head nation
                                    HALL OF FAME

Richard Sheff          Tommie Kozlov      Annette Howard
Arlene Sheff            Doug Peterson         Melanie Peterson
Susan Bloomfield   Jim Luparello          Alwina Luparello
Aaron Sher              Beth Sher                  Dave Welker
Bernie Friedman   Jacki Friedman       Marc Weiss
Dennis Miller         Mary Miller             Linda McCarthy
Ron Hetherington   Jean Hetherington   August Bissiri RIP
Steve Devore           Joan Devore              Ken Clasen
Jim Jacobs               Thérèse Jacobs        George Brown
Ken Roberts            Judithann Roberts    Kay Utley
Vic Robinett            Ann Robinett             Joyce Jack
Larry Oden             Cynthia Oden           Dirk Bohse
Steve Rizzuto          Kim Rizzuto              Jim Heiser
Bob Engemann       Lynette LaRoche      David Dichner
Dave Wineberg       David Hansen           Jose Armas
Nancy Wineberg    Nancy Hansen          Michael Blair
Bill Sellin                 Dev Sellin                 Trish Winchester*
Marty Bernstein     Nancy Bernstein      Fran Reynard
Carolyn Roth           Richard Pellerin      Norma Shechtman
Stephen Nordt          Lynn Nordt               Al Klicka
Charlie Thacker     Diana Thacker         Connie Klicka
Jaime Fabela           Jean Fabela              Jenny Short
Wayne Broadhag    Nancy Broadhag      Lawrence Mattson
Don Butler                Sue Butler                 Bob Ruris
Tom Weddick          Karen Weddick        Barb Ruris
Jim Hannon              Deb Hannon             Rebecca Bunch    
Rick Steadry            Diedre Engle            Shannon Bunch
Mary Friese

* Needs a roommate
You are up there