Everything in moderation. That
includes the world's best

    The simple answer is that Wisconsin, and especially the
    City of Madison, love the bicycle.

    Permit me to explain further... You also love the bicycle.  
    There are 24 hours in a day and you want to partake in
    something more than cycling to fill your time.  Madison is  
    home to a vibrant arts scene;  exciting exhibits throughout
    the year, excellent restaurants, professional theaters and
    shopping in unique local stores.  Maybe you want to slake
    your thirst with some world class micro-brewed beer, visit a
    bicycle factory or just kick-back and relax in the hotel's
    indoor pool and hot tub. This unforgettable escape is all
    here waiting for you in beautiful Madison, WI.

    Your "2012 Madison Memories" Crowne Plaza room rate is
    $99 for a single and $109 for a double per night, plus tax.  
    Your special room rate includes complimentary...
  • hot breakfast each morning
  • self parking
  • Internet
  • airport transfers to & from the Dane County Airport
  • bike-in-room privileges
  • "Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage"
  • all standard hotel amenities
  • and much more

    To reserve your room, click here: Crowne Plaza Reservations

    Note: The special room rate is also available 3 days before
    & 3 days after the tour.  Reservations can also be made by
    calling 888-233-9527 and mentioning "Madison Memories."  
    Reservations will NOT be accepted by calling the hotel

    You are responsible for your room charges, taxes &
    Adults only, please.

    All participants (riders & non-riders) are required to
    complete a registration form.  Note... Your registration is
    not complete until your registration fee & signed Waiver is
    The tour registration site password is: madison2012.  
    Click here to register: http://madison2012.eventbrite.com

    Rider Registration Fee is $175.
    Non-Rider Registration Fee, without a jersey, is $125.  
    Your registration fee covers event expenses, transfers to
    Trek, a lunch, happy hours and the planet's most beautiful
    & unique cycling event jersey.
    Make your check payable to Richard Sheff & mail it with
    your signed Waiver Form to:    
    Richard Sheff
    10 Harborcrest
       Irvine,Ca 92604

    I'll make this as uncomplicated and as fair as possible:  
    If I still have your money- and it hasn't been spent or
    committed, you'll get it back.  
    Got questions?  Call me at 949-510-3455 or contact me by
    e-mail at sheffrichard@yahoo.com.

    Many airlines fly to Madison.  The city has a beautiful
    airport that Frank Lloyd Wright would be proud to claim as
    his own. The airport is locally convenient and transfers to &
    from the Crowne Plaza are complimentary.
    If you are flexible and want to shop for the best price on
    airfares, consider Chicago's O'Hare.  O'Hare is about 150
    miles from Madison.  Renting a car at O'Hare is an option
    and bus service to Madtown is also available if you prefer
    not driving.
    Want more to think about?  Consider flying to Milwaukee.  
    Billy Mitchell Airport is only 75 miles from Madtown, has
    frequent bus service and a large rental fleet available.
    Michael Anderson has committed to transport your bike to
    Madison by truck.  Those using the "bike truck" in the past
    have found it convenient and inexpensive.

    Truck capacity is limited, so reserve early.  The first 80
    bikes to reserve will go.  Round trip cost to get your bike to
    Madison and back is $145, calculated at today's price for
    diesel.  Predicting fuel cost for the end of August is a fools
    task.  Should the price of diesel continue to rise, Michael
    will add a fuel surcharge (capped @ $10) payable at the
    time of departure.  Luggage will be considered for transfer
    if space is available at $10 per bag, each way.
I'm looking for a roommate.  If
you don't mind sharing, call me.
Being a professional is more than renting a truck and having
good intentions.