Ciao!  My cycling brothers & sisters.

    Welcome to the "2012 Madison Memories" website.  
    This is where you'll find all the details  needed to
    participate in this year's remarkable 2 wheeled
    adventure and tour of Madison, WI, August 19- 26.

    Here's why you'll love this Madison, adventure:
  • As the state capital and home to the University of
    Wisconsin, Madison is rich in culture, entertainment
    and excellent locally brewed beer.  Here's a  food pairing
    that's a Badger State favorite... Chase that big, squeaky
    hunk of fried cheese curd with a quart of New Glarus Fat
    Squirrel beer on tap.  It's only available in Wisconsin.
  • Your tour will headquarter at the beautiful, amenity
    packed Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • Cycling & hiking in southern Wisconsin allows you to
    experience some unique glaciated topography. Nearly
    everywhere in Wisconsin, the land is dotted with glacial
    remnants from the last Ice Age such as lakes, elongated
    hills known as drumlins, ridges called moraines and ice
    age eskers or gravel ridges formed by glacial streams.
  • And if you need more reasons to join us this year, we've
    included a bicycle ride to, lunch at, and a tour of the Trek
    Bicycle Factory.  Yep.  They're still making bikes one-at -
    a-time, by hand in Waterloo.  You'll witness the birth of a
    bicycle frame and get the bragging rights by joining us on
    this Madison memory maker: August 19-26.

               Trip Dates: August 19-26, 2012
    Start & End Location: Madison, WI  53704
    Hotel: Crowne Plaza Madison
    Meals Included: Hot buffet breakfast every morning
    Happy Hour: Every evening
    Visit & Tour: Trek Factory
    Physical Difficulty: Something for everyone, whether
    you're cycling or not
    Charity Supported: Prostate Cancer Foundation

         YOU CAN EXPECT...
    Easy access by air to Madison from everywhere
    Luxury lodging and a bountiful Crowne Plaza buffet
    Friendly prices in US $
    Flying to the Madison offers airline flexibility
    Perfect weather
    A Happy Hour that will keep you smiling all 7 days
    Really good locally brewed beer
    An all adult cycling experience in a premier
    American cycling venue
    Lightly trafficked cycling routes & fun hiking trails
    A worthy charity to support
    Extraordinary activities and local sites to visit
    Another Directeur's 10 PLUS rating
    The planet's most beautiful & interesting event jersey

    The "Madison Memories" tour is designed to satisfy your
    need for a fun-filled active vacation.  We understand that
    it's your vacation.  That's why you choose when and
    where to spend your time and money.

    As always, Savvy Cycling Tours remains profit free.
    Our Raison d'être (reason for being) is to raise money for
    worthy charities.  This year, each participant is asked to
    donate $50 to ( ) the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  

    I hope that you will join us this summer in Madison.  
    It's a wonderful town for whatever you choose to do.

    Richard Sheff
    Directeur Sportif


August 19 - August 26, 2012
Madison. WI
Bicycling, Badgers & Brew