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It's Laura Kaeppeler
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Your Directeur Sportif

    They're back.  All of the wonderful volunteers from last
    year's outstanding tour will be returning.  Whether you
    hike, bike or just take in the city's many sites, all look
    forward to providing you with the best ACTIVE vacation

    In no particular order...
           Tommie Kozlov returns as our "on site" hotel and
    transfer expert.  If you need some help with a hotel issue
    or transportation, she's your go to person.  Pet sitting,
    loans for bail and marriage counseling are no longer part
    of her "on site" repertoire.

           Wayne Broadhag remains as our "Routemaster."  
    He has thoroughly researched the area in and around
    Madison and is our resident local expert on bicycle
    routes.  Whether you're *Owls, **Fowls or Slow Spokes,
    Wayne promises that your rides will be scenic, fun and
    will include unique destinations when available.
    He asked that I remind you:
    "Friends don't let friends drink and ride."

           Nancy Broadhag will coordinate your off-site
    activities. There's so much to do in Madison, I'm sure
    you'll appreciate her guidance on where to spend your
    time & money when off the bike.  

            Norma Shechtman will hike your fanny packs off.  
    Make sure that you come prepared with poles, bear mace
    and boots or good walking shoes.  Bear mace may not add
    much to the hike; but at least you'll return home with

            Arlene Sheff's responsibility is "TREK DAY."
    If you enjoy the results of her efforts: tell her.  
    If you don't: tell her you enjoyed it anyway.  
    That will make her happy and me happy.   

    A final thought... These are volunteers.  They are, by
    definition, unpaid participants who work very hard to
    make sure that the events we have planned are enjoyed
    by all.

    We love our sponsors and think that you will too.

    Cycle Pro's top wrench, Juan Martinez returns as a
    sponsor and our recommended mechanic.  His promise is
    simple: Make sure that your bike remains problem free
    every mile while you're on tour. To avoid breakdowns,
    have your machine checked-out for free before leaving.
    You'll find Juan at his new Lake Forest location: 22762
    Aspan, Suite 213, in Lake Forest.  He's just a stone's throw
    from the old shop so he'll be easy to find.  949-929-9238.

    Two Wheels One Planet has everything you'll need
    to fully enjoy the roads of Madison.  Find out why Kristen,
    the Planet's leader, is an Orange County favorite.  See her
    to dress up your ride with a brand new Trek at a
    spectacular price before you leave for Madison.  You'll
    find them at 27844 Muirlands in El Toro (949) 581-8900.
    Beerview Mirrors is offering a $15 mirror special to
    those participating in the Madison Memories tour. Stay
    safe while making your cycling fashion statement. Get
    the original, and still the best, rear view mirror at:

    Dr. Colin Suzman is not only "The Nice Dentist," and
    a sponsor, he's my (your Directeur Sportif) Dentist too.  If
    you need some work on your teeth, see Dr. Suzman.  He's
    equipped with all the latest equipment and he really
    knows his "bidness."  Find out more about him here:

       *Older, Wiser & a Little Slower
       **Fast Owls
Colin Suzman  DDS