There's no greater sin in my book than creating a boring tour. To make sure
that doesn't happen in Oregon, I have recruited an amazing corp of
volunteers.  All are veterans, and all are skilled at what they have chosen to
do.  Each is here to make certain that your tour of the Willamette Valley &
the City of Eugene is positively memorable and anything but boring.    

A few words about the Directeur: I am not a travel agent.  I am an alien.
While I do pick the tour's location, designate our charity partner and
negotiate with the hotel for their best rate, I do not do this as a business or
plan the event to make a profit.  I use these trips to make new friends and
as a vehicle to fund deserving, 4 star charities whose good works help
make the world a better place for us all.  Now that's what I call

Our volunteers... In no particular order, are:

Tommie Kozlov continues as our "on site" expert.  If there's an issue with
the hotel that you are unable to resolve, let her know.

Wayne Broadhag returns in his capacity as tour "Route Master."  
He's an expert on the area and his collection of routes will include
something for everyone, spanning a range of difficulty from easy to
challenging.  Wayne promises that your rides will be scenic, fun and some
will even include unique destinations.

Nancy Broadhag will coordinate your off-site activities.  There's much to
see in and around Eugene.  She's making plans to fill your free time with
local culture, shopping, dining and maybe even some night life.

Norma Shechtman will lead those interested in some Willamette Valley
Nature Walks.  Bring comfortable shoes for your walk on the wild side.  With
the University of Oregon & the Willamette River  within easy reach on foot,
the hiking Norma's planning should be memorable.

Bob Ruris, "the peoples choice" is back where he belongs... manning his
battle station behind the bar every evening.  Bob's motto is "Nobody leaves
until they can prove they're happy.  

Juan Martinez at CyclePro returns as our sponsoring master mechanic.  
He promises to make sure that your bike can handle all the challenges that
the Willamette Valley can deliver. Drop by his shop at 22706 Aspan in
Lake Forest before we depart and have him thoroughly inspect your bike.  
He'll make any adjustments that you may need "gratis."  Yes, you read that
correctly, FREE.  Parts and any additional labor will only be billed with
your approval.  You can reach Juan at 949-929-9238.

More sponsors coming soon.  Check back often for updates.
Introducing Those Here To Help
Your Directeur