In The Beginning
It's always best to start at the beginning.  Keep reading and you'll find out what you
get, how to get it and why you want it.

Eugene, and the State of Oregon, offer an amazing venue for cycling, hiking and
sightseeing. Those winter rains that I mentioned, saturated the ground to give the
local vegetation that eye pleasing, vital green color the Willamette Valley is so
famous for.

Your Hilton amenity package includes luxury lodging, their incredible "Hilton
Serenity Beds," hot breakfast buffet every morning, pool, hot tub, free parking,
and a location that allows for easy access to restaurants, entertainment, historic
sites and, of course, some really great cycling.

Your Red Lion amenity package includes everything the Hilton package provides at a
much friendlier price.  Example: room with breakfast is $89 and w/o is $79, single or
double.  Shoulder dates (3 days before & 3 days after) with breakfast are an amazing
value at $69.  To reserve your room at the
Red Lion call them direct at 541-342-5201.

Need more...  You can begin the process by searching the Internet here:
Hilton-Eugene.  Give the Hilton a virtual road test before you sign up. If you liked
the Hilton in Tucson & Lexington, you'll love the Hilton in Eugene.  Want to save
money and be close to all the action, the
Red Lion is a worthy choice for your lodging
during the tour.

ROOM RESERVATIONS                  
Your Oregon Cycling Odyssey room rate at the Hilton & the Red Lion are an "I don't
know how he does it" $99 & $89 per night, plus tax... single or double.  Those are your
hotel rates; not the Motel U-No-Who's.  Your special price includes:
  • hot breakfast buffet each morning
  • self parking
  • Internet
  • same rate single or double
  • bike in room privileges
  • all standard hotel amenities
  • transfers to and from the Eugene Airport
  • and more
To reserve your room, click here: Hilton Eugene Reservations and complete the
information required. Note: the special room rate is also available to you for the
3 days before & 3 days following the tour. Reservations can also be made by calling
1-800-Hiltons and referencing the Group Code: SVC or Savvy Cycling Tours 2011.

FYI          FYI         FYI         FYI          FYI          FYI        FYI
The Eugene Hilton requires that you stay for the entire time your room is
reserved.  To avoid the $75 early departure penalty, please reconfirm the
length of your stay at check in.

You are responsible for your own room charges, taxes and incidentals.

Adults only, please.

Event Registration Fee
Rider Registration Fee is $175.  Please include the completed Waiver & Release form
with your check.   The fee covers all: prepaid expenses, supplies, happy hour, airport
transfers, pasta night and the planet's most beautiful & interesting event jersey.

Non-rider Registration Fee is $125, without jersey.

Make your check payable to:        Richard Sheff

And mail your check to me at :    10 Harborcrest
                                             Irvine, CA 92604
Find a replacement, get a full refund.  Otherwise, refunds will be made on the balance
that remains from your registration fee after deducting any paid expenses. Hotel
cancellations must be received by the Hilton 48 hours prior to arrival or you will be
assessed for 1 night room and tax.

Got questions or need help?  You can reach me by cell phone 949-510-3455
or by e-mail at:

Airline Reservations
You are responsible for your flight arrangements.  Most of your SoCal flying
companions will depart for Eugene August 22 and return on August 29.

We'll get your bike there.  I'm exploring the feasibility of using a truck to transport
your bike & luggage.  With the number of tour participants driving, there may be
space available in someone's vehicle to take your bike.  In August, if you are having
difficulty getting your bike a ride, let me know.  More later.  

Waiver & Release
Some things never change.  You are required to sign the ubiquitous Waiver &
Liability Release to participate in the Oregon Cycling Odyssey.

You're Not Finished
Keep reading.  There's a lot more information to digest about this amazing trip.